Did you know that it cost just $300 a year, and $6.50 per day to tutor a Night Owl student? Your gift (donation) will go to the program go toward stipends for our professional staff, volunteer recruitment, recognition, snacks, and supplies.

Did you know that it cost $1,800 a year to Mentor a youth? Your gift (donation) will go to the program goes to mentee engagement, match monitoring, volunteer recruitment, criminal background checks, training, program awareness, supplies, materials and staff to operate the program.

Use your Debit/Credit Card with PayPal to submit a single donation transaction as a “guest”. Or, with a PayPal account (secure and password protected) you can initiate recurring monthly donations without disclosing your credit information to CraWaLa. You have complete control to start, change or stop the donations at any time. [CraWaLa receives 97.8% of your donation after fees.]
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